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Organic traffic generates more leads than any other marketing initiative, according to 61% of B2B marketers. 70% of marketers credit sales generation to SEO more than PPC.

Our agency offers local SEO services that do not only have high ROI but lead to better revenue and sales. We achieve this by ranking your business higher on the Google search results page.

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what is local seo

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the optimization of a website to increase traffic and leads from local searches. The optimization is done through activities like keyword research and building NAP citations.

It may also involve optimization of the company's Google My Business profile to make it appeal to local customers. It mainly involves making the business visible to local customers and specific potential customers. This practice utilizes various search engine ranking methods to increase a websites' ranking in the results.

How Local SEO Services Drives Web Traffic & Sales

Local SEO services India offer many advantages but the most common one increases traffic to the client's site. They do this by first improving a client's ranking on search engine results. When a website attains a good ranking, it is more visible to online visitors.
Visitors will click the website more to if it contains the products they need. The increased traffic is the first step to increasing sales, the visitors are the soon-to-be customers.

Grow your business with our Local SEO Services in India

Outrun competition with our local SEO services. We offer services that are both customized and relevant to your industry.

local seo for Automobile Dealer

Automobile Dealer

We offer local SEO services for auto-dealers. With our expert solutions, you will increase your footfall and sales through increased leads. In no time you will dominate your local marketplace.

local seo for construction

Maintenance & Construction

The dental services field is highly competitive but we offer an upper hand. Our local SEO services will help you to gain the attention you need to get more leads and sales online.

local seo for Home Improvement

Home Improvement

Demand for home improvement services is also increasing, with more people buying homes. .The high demand however has led to increased competition among players. Our local SEO services will put you ahead of others in the online space.

Lawyers & Legal Services local seo

Lawyers & Legal Services

Locally, one of the most searched services is legal assistance. If you have not tapped into the online client base then we can get you started. Our expert law firm SEO services will help you rank high in local searches and grow your client base.

local seo for hotels and Restaurants

Hotels & Restaurants

With hotels and restaurants popping up everywhere you need to stay ahead of the competition. Our local SEO services offer special assistance to such businesses in increasing their presence in online search results. Your competitors will never beat you in the online space once we come on board.

Cleaning Services local seo

Cleaning Services

Are you into the home and office cleaning and cannot seem to get enough business querries. Local SEO services are what you need to get noticed. We offer customized local SEO services that will drive the much-needed traffic to your site.

Locksmith local seo


The Locksmith services industry is full of players, both new and old. To stay ahead you need to have an extra card like a better online search results presence. Our local SEO services will offer that and more.

Plumber local seo


We have worked with multiple plumbing contractors and helped them attract local customers to their business. Our services are both affordable and very effective. We can bring much-needed attention to your business.

professional local seo services

Be on the top & Get more traffic to your website

To improve your brand’s higher ranking on search engine results, we undertake intensive keyword research to ensure the words used in your website add value. We also strive to keep you ahead of competition by analyzing their backlinks strategy. Once a client signs a contract with us, get complete on-page and off-page services and technical SEO assistance. These are just but some of the ways we keep our clients at the top and with more traffic.


We Have Covered Everything for Your Local SEO Services Need

Full Citation Audit

Inaccurate citations affect the business negatively. A wrong phone number or a no longer in use address can lead to customer frustrations. Our team will establish these loopholes and clean them up immediately.

Local Link Building

We use our vast connection to get you relevant backlinks from trusted websites. We conduct through research of these websites to ensure their spam score is low enough. To further secure the interests of our clients we vet their domain’s DA and PA to ensure it is higher, this helps in better ranking.

Social Network

Our team of experts will scan your social network for faults and correct them accordingly. Clients we have served for years have been very happy with our Local SEO services.

Local Directory Optimization

Your business should be listed on local directories to connect with local customers. These will ease communication between them and the customers. We offer these services with optimal results.

Local Data Management

To appeal to local customers, a website needs to utilize local terms and keywords. We have very experienced copywriters who will align your website with local consumer needs

Google My Business Setup & Optimization

Claiming your business on Google is not enough, you need to optimize it for maximum exposure. Our expert team adds the information to your business listing and ensures it is current.

Website Content Optimization

We all know that content is king. To consistently drive organic traffic to your site, you need to continuously create new content and optimize the existing one. Our team of local SEO experts will do this for you.

Website Content Optimization

We have a dedicated team that helps your business maintain valuable business relationships. We strive to encourage your consumers to share their reviews on Google with positive marketing practices.

Weekly / Monthly Report

To promote transparency, we allow clients the option of receiving weekly or monthly updates to assess traffic and ROI. A chat with your dedicated project manager should give you a picture of your company's movement towards the achievement of goals.


6 Reasons Why Do Your Business Need Local SEO Services?

People use location-based apps like Google maps and AroundMe to locate the stores they want. Once they hit the explore tab n such apps, the relevant websites will appear. For your website to appear on the search results of such a platform you need to optimize it fully.

Why Do Your Business Need Local SEO Services?

Organic Search is Most Often the Primary Source of Website Traffic

Before a customer comes to learn about a website, they first do organic searches which lead them to various websites. These users are the primary source of traffic for your website. The site with the most relevance to the search term is ranked highest.

SEO Builds Trust & Credibility.

A website with a higher ranking in search engines is trusted more by online viewers. With consistent positive input, a site will gain higher ranks and in turn earn more credibility in the customers' eyes. This should be in every company's online strategy if it plans on conquering the online market.

Local SEO Means Increased Engagement, Traffic & Conversions

When your website appears on top of search engines, you receive more traffic. As these people visit your site your engagement rate increases. You can then have a chatbox on the website where customers can leave messages and you can encourage them to keep the conversation going and possibly lead to a sale.

It’s a Long-Term Strategy and gives long-term results

The reason many SEO attempts fail is a lack of patience on the owner's side. Unlike other marketing campaigns, SEO takes time to bear fruits. The good thing is that once an SEO campaign gains momentum, the results will be utilized for many years after and without any additional financial investment.

Local SEO Impacts the Buying Cycle.

When people develop trust for your brand, you are on the route to success. People buy from credible sellers and go ahead to refer them to other buyers. A business that is visible in the local online space will be the first go-to store for the first time and repeat buyers.


Why Choose Us As Your Local SEO Service Agency

One of our main goals is to increase your website’s ranking in search engines. When this is achieved, you become more visible to your target customers. This will result in increased engagement and sales.

We connect relevant sites to your website via links. This will direct traffic from those sites to yours. These visitors will be potential customers whose attention you will get.

Ranking high on search engines will result in more traffic to your site. The increased traffic will consist of new and return visitors. These visitors if handled well can turn into customers.

Our team of experts will optimize your website so it features in safe positions in search engine results. We will align your content to match keywords that place it in pages where it is in a strategic spot.

As a leading local seo service in India, our primary goal is to increase the business's visibility for local users. Increased visits from locals will result in increased branding for the client’s services or products.

Our efforts to increase positive customer reviews on clients’ services and products result in an increased online reputation. Excellent business reviews improve the company’s integrity and possibly sales.

Why choose us as your local seo services in india

How To Choose the Best Local SEO Services Company in India

When selecting the best local SEO services firm to work with, clients get confused and don't know where to start. You can look at several aspects in a local seo agency to start the work with.

  • Ensure the said company shares the same goals as you in the endeavor you choose to undertake.
  • Enquire about the company's ability to deliver SEO services to the level of quality you require. Ensure they have the much-needed expertise in this kind of task.
  • Ensure the deliverables they promise are what they can deliver. Ask for customer reviews.
  • The reputation of any firm will say a lot about it. Talk to locals who have used their services and gauge the feedback
  • Listen to their methods and ascertain that they are up to date
 tips to choose best local seo compnay in india
Choose Your Plan

Choose Your Plan


starter local seo service packages

    Get the audience to know your business and services locally—an ideal SEO package for small Businesses or beginners.


Growht local seo services package

    Expand your business and get new customers locally and from your targeted regions & locations.


Enterprise local seo services package

    Unleash the SEO power, and reach a mass audience & customers. Aim to rank higher and grow web traffic & sales drastically.


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Article Senior

Recommended link-building services!!! I am delighted with the link-building services delivered by LSS. Every backlink by LSS comes from high DA & legit websites. I am pleased to say that my Article Senior website is in the right hands.

Primebit Solutions

LSS is doing an excellent job while optimizing our website. We are more than satisfied with the results delivered by LSS. Keep up the great work, guys.

Sen Wall Coverings

Good job, team LSS! Everyone at LSS is friendly & professional. They are helping with my Google Ads marketing and delivering the results they promised. I highly recommend them for Google Ads services.

Garage Equipment

Data-driven approach and focus on improving ROI make them the best local SEO services company. The brilliant minds of LSS helped us achieve 4X growth in organic traffic in just six months. And special thanks to Prashant and Swapnil for being attentive at all times.

Vintage Finance

They are true industry experts in SEO and digital marketing. We started seeing results from the second month. The LSS team has increased organic traffic, PA, DA, and the number of inbound links to my website. Thank you so much for offering tangible results.

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