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What is Local SEO and Why Is It so Important?

You may wonder what local SEO is and why local SEO is important. It’s vital to understand the basics for the success and growth of your local business. 

If you are a small or medium-sized firm, local SEO can make a difference in your business, as 46% of the searches on Google are looking for local information. 

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A Guide to Local SEO 

If you are a small or medium-sized business, you will benefit from local SEO. When people are looking for restaurants or salons, how would you expect these customers to find you! 

Local SEO steps in to make your life easier. Because of local SEO, the potential customers would be able to find your business, thus increasing your sales. 

Local SEO improves your business’ visibility with the help of search engines. When you are up and running, you want people to know. The goal is to let people know you are available to serve them right away. With the help of local SEO, it would be possible for customers to find you and come back to your business repeatedly. 

You are an answer to the query, people. You are looking for in the search engines. 

It’s also vital that customers share reviews about your business. In short, your business must be authentic, and when people search for it, they will know your business is real! Start by focusing on the Google My Business page. 

The information about your business must be consistent. It increases your credibility. You have to be sure that the online information is authentic and provides the right direction to potential customers. You can’t give the wrong address of your business location. 

Focus on providing valuable information to the website visitors and establish yourself as an authority. Engage more on social media and try getting the backlinks from authoritative sources as it would ensure the authenticity of your business. 

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly as you don’t want a potential customer to wait for information to load. You want people to find your business and quickly take advantage of their services. 

It would be best to keep an eye on how your website performs and whether people can search your business. Also, you must know where you rank in the search engine. 

Do My Business Need Local SEO?

According to the SEO Tribunal, 97% of people have learned about a local company through the internet. 

You may wonder whether your business needs local SEO. Let’s say you are in the restaurant business and offer fresh seafood. A customer in the nearby location is looking for such food, and you are not showing up in the search results! There could be tourists in the area looking for seafood, and because your business doesn’t show up in the search results, you would be losing all this business. 

Imagine another scenario where you open a small cafe and offer coffee and cakes. There are many coffee shops in the area, so there is high competition. If you don’t show up in the search results, you will lose potential customers. 

88% of the customers would call or visit the business within 24 hours after the mobile search. 

At this point, you must have realised the significance of local SEO for the success and growth of your business. Technological advancement has changed the lives of individuals, and that’s where local SEO can play a significant role for your small business. 

Why is Local SEO Important? 

  • There are various benefits of the local SEO for the success and growth of your business, such as: 
  • There would be more traffic to your website, and thus, you can expect more sales. Local SEO would be great for the company if you want local customers to find your business.
  • When your business is new, you want more people to know about it. It’s possible to spread the word about the business with the help of local SEO.
  • You would need to advertise your business, and it’s costly, but local SEO would be great as people can easily find your business in a nearby location.  
  • If you focus on local SEO and other businesses are not, you will attract more customers than your competitors. 
  • When more people are finding and visiting your business, they can leave a review, which, if turned out positive, would be great for the growth of the business. 

In simple words, local SEO would be great for your small business growth and success. 

What Are The Top Ten Ranking Factors For Local SEO 

The top-ranking factors for local SEO are as follows: 

#1. Google My Business

It’s a free tool that you can use for your business. So, you can take advantage of this free tool for the success and growth of your business. 

Provide the correct contact information and address so that potential customers can easily find your business. 

#2. Reviews Left by Customers 

When people visit your business or avail of a service, they will leave a review. If they are happy with the experience, they would love to share it. And if they had a bad experience, you can expect negative reviews from potential customers. 

The more positive reviews you have, the better it would be for the success and growth of your business. So, if your business is performing great, you can expect happy customers, and thus, you would be able to attract more customers to your business because of the good reviews. 

#3. Backlinks 

Getting backlinks from authoritative websites would increase your chance to rank higher on the search engine. So, your goal has to be to make your website so unique that traditional websites would talk about you! 

It’s a way of telling the search engine that you are authentic! If you sell a unique product and maintain a blog, it’s great for the overall business. You can establish yourself as an authority. Later, when people want to buy such a product, they would prefer to check your website as it would be full of valuable information. 

#4. Valuable Content

When you maintain an online presence and have a blog on the side, the content you provide must add value to the lives of your customers and potential buyers. 

Whatever you say to your visitors or potential customers needs to add some value to their life. The purpose of adding value to the customer’s life is to earn their loyalty so that they would prefer to buy from you. When people like your content, they would start trusting more in you and your brand. When people like your content, they would like to return for more. Organic growth would help your business in the long run. However, some companies would focus on ads or other means of marketing. In any case, the content has to be valuable. 

#5. Business Name, Address, And Phone Number 

Your business name, address, and phone number must be the same in all online citations. It’s vital for improving the credibility of your business. So cross-check the information thoroughly so that you would know what to expect! 

You want your customers to find you when you are an authentic business easily! You don’t want your customers to be confused with the wrong address of your business. If your business moved to a new location, it’s best to provide the current information. 

#6. Attention from Searchers 

When people like your business, they would behave in a certain way. You would know it through click-through rate or maybe the social media check-ins. Some customers would be using mobile phones to call your business. 

There are various ways to see whether your business is getting the attention, and you would know where you are possibly standing in the search results. When more people discover your business, they will connect more with you! 

#7. Mobile Friendliness 

Times have changed. Your website must be mobile-friendly. People use mobile phones to text, talk, video conference, study, watch shows, etc. 

People must be able to access information quickly. According to a study by Microsoft, human attention span has dropped to 8 seconds. So, if your website doesn’t act fast, people have tons of other options. 

#8. Use The Right Keywords 

You must use the right frequently used keywords for your posts and content. However, it’s vital to remember that you can’t do keyword stuffing.

The keywords you use in the posts or blogs must come naturally. Also, every piece of information you provide to the audience must add some value. 

#9. Opting for The Right Information 

Whether it’s about the company’s physical address, any relevant business information, or the business category, you must always opt for the correct information. 

To be an authentic business and to serve your customers right, always provide accurate information as it would increase your credibility! 

#10. Safe And Secured Website 

It’s vital that your business’s website is safe and doesn’t look shady. Also, it would help if you worked on the website’s speed. 

The website’s overall look has to be professional, and the users must feel safe when ordering an item from the business website. 

How LSS Can Help to Improve Your Local SEO 

LSS is here to help you improve your local SEO as we have various industries’ experiences. We help you increase the local customer base and increase your sales. 

We have a dedicated in-house team of SEO experts who can bring your business to the top ranking of Google local results. 

At LSS, we also have the best industry tools. In short, we are here to guide you every step of the way when it comes to local SEO for the success and growth of your business. 

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