What is Google analytics?

Since forms of advertising are changing each day, Google, being one of the most used search engines, has developed dozens of tools. These tools are here to help businesses grow through digital marketing.

Google Analytics is one such tool to get more leads and, ultimately, sales.

Google analytics can be defined as a web analytics tool developed to track and then provide a report on the total traffic of any website. It helps the business to measure the return on investment for advertising costs. It also tracks the videos, applications, and social networking sites to give you better insights regarding your ad campaign.

Google Analytics Agency provides businesses with the tools to understand the audience behaviour who visit the product or service website, applications, and online stores. From the data, the company can improve the user experience. It results in a more significant number of customers and sales.

Let's discuss the different aspects of Google Analytics servicesand how LSS can help your business with this tool.

Importance of

Google Analytics Services

Google Analytics Agency can help you track website activities such as the session duration, the bounce rate, and the net pages per session. This tool can also help get information about the source of internet traffic.

Integrating Google Analytics Agency with the Google Ads services also helps boost the number of potential customers by tracking the quality of landing pages. Google Analytics Agency for any business help identifies the pages performing poorly.

It uses tools such as funnel visualization, which can identify the source of the visitor and their net time spent on any website, along with their geographical location. Thus, it helps businesses in segmenting the customers according to different parameters.

Google Analytics Agency also help in keeping track of the e-commerce reports. It allows the business to study the metrics such as transactions and revenues relating to marketing.

Benefits of Google Analytics Agency

Attribution modelling

The data approach of Google Analytics Agency helps you attribute your resources to the most performing channel. This is applicable for both converting and non-converting user journeys.


You can start with small goals for free and then blend them with Google AdWords to keep track of these goals. Google Analytics Agency also help analyze the organic and paid traffic and its scale for your business.

Ecosystem management

Google Analytics can be integrated with leading marketing and advertising platforms. Thus, it allows the exchange of data seamlessly.

Micro analytics

Google Analytics Agency help keep track of granular level details about the customers, their segmentation, content consumption, and goal conversions.

Google data studio

Google Analytics Agency help collect a massive amount of user behaviour data and its visualization for mobile and web users. It also supports data from third parties and sharing data within an organization.


Google Analytics Agency have inbuilt tools to manage different digital properties. It includes web pages and mobile apps, and thus it can track the behavioural insights of the audience.

Extendable widgets

It allows businesses to add real-time widgets that can help in web analytics. Also, these widgets can be customized too to study the mobile analytics data.

User-friendly interface

Google Analytics Agency doesn't need any high knowledge of computer programs. Thus, any user can track meaningful interaction of the customers on digital properties and then target its market for better sales.

LSS Google Analytics Agency

At LSS, we provide the following type of Google Analytics Agency:

Google Analytics account setup

Here at LSS, our experts can help you create a new account for Google Analytics Agency for your business. And even if you have an old version in google analytics, we can help you configure it correctly.It will help you to get the necessary business data that can be used for data analysis.

Google Analytics audit services

We provide comprehensive audits for your Google analytics to ensure no gaps or errors in your business's data collection.Our experts work on the tracking code, your account configuration, data integrity, and conversion tracking to maintain the health of your Google Analytics account.

Google analytics consultation services

We also provide consultation services if you are a business with an existing Google Analytics account and don't know what to do. This consultation will help you set your goals and interpret the current data.Along with this, our team also recommends solutions to the total data collected from multiple websites, and thus you will be available with customized reports.

Strategic targeting

Our team at LSS covers significant areas of digital marketing such as Google Tag manager, site analytics, CRM integrations, and eCommerce tracking.These factors can help your business implement new strategies and understand the different segments of the market. Thus, it will lead to maximum conversions of your audience.

Google Analytics reports

We provide detailed and customized reports for your digital marketing campaign to deliver custom-designed results. With our process-driven team of Google Analytics experts, you will expand your capabilities on data and information to resolve issues in your ad campaigns

Data-driven insights from Google Analytics

Our team analyzes the data from your websites to offer faster loading of your web pages. We also emphasize efficient data collection methods by integrating with Google Tag Manager.Along with that, LSS also provides solutions to the problems with advanced configurations and objectives.

Why choose LSS Google Analytics Agency?

LSS works with different businesses to provide solutions and strategies through our various Google Analytics services. Our team works around the clock to help brands capture and measure the target audience converted to customers.

Experts on Google Analytics Agency at LSS predict trends. We deliver the results to solve any challenge faced by the business. Here's how:

  • We understand the value of your data.
  • We have certified experts in digital analytics
  • Certified partner in Google Analytics
  • Certified from Google Marketing platform
  • Years of excellence in digital transformations
  • Collaborations with global as well as local businesses
  • Years of excellence in digital transformations

Google Analytics Agency

There could be many questions on your mind about eCommerce SEO services, let's discuss a few:

Google Analytics Agency can help your business measure your website traffic and their feedback upon interacting with your user interface through online stores, webpages, and apps. And this can help you improve your services thus making you more popular amongst customers.

Google Analytics Agency can help track the traffic and their interactions on the website. And call tracking is a separate area where the analysis is performed on-call services. And when you bridge these two areas, there is the possibility of a massive increase in sales.

We have a team of experts in Google analytics who work dedicatedly to understand customer behaviour and interact with the websites, online stores, and applications. This data can help your business enhance the user experience and thus increase your revenue.

Generally, the expenditure needed for Google Analytics Agency is roughly 5%-10% of the total cost of the marketing campaign. But this value can vary depending on the type of business you are undertaking and the target market.


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