Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

We value and respect your privacy at LocalSEOServices (LSS). We are responsible and take the necessary steps to protect the data that you share with us while interacting with our website. Here is what data we collect and how we use them.

Our visitors’ account information, like their login details such as Email ID, Address, Phone Number, Password, website backend, server, Credit Card or any payment information, etc. are confidential and will not be shared or disclosed to third parties.

LSS will use the provided data for the services we offer only:

  • Digital, Social Media and Internet Marketing.
  • Newsletter subscription.
  • Email Alert/Article Alert.
  • Auto-emails during the Login and Registration.
  • Article Submission confirmation and notification.
  • Unsubscribe from Alert or Newsletter.

Customer support (When users send us the email for our customer support services, we may keep those details to process your request and improve the quality of our service).

LSS collects users’ personal information such as name, email id, postcode, phone numbers, etc., when you sign up for our different services that we offer (for example, SEO, PPC, Web Design etc.). We may link this data with other LSS services or 3rd party data to provide a better user experience for you.

LSS stores the data on our user’s computer through cookies. We always strive to deliver a quality experience to our users.

Our server and website may automatically log in to your account when you browse the website.

We may utilise your provided information for our analysis to improve our services or new products/services.

We can share your provided information with our 3rd party partners. While we share your details with the 3rd party, we ensure they maintain the privacy and security measures.

We can use your data and contact you through online or offline platforms for member surveys to improve our services.

Updates and Changes:

From time to time, we analyse the website process and users’ behaviour. We make changes to our privacy policy and can check the same on our website Privacy Policy page.

Your Option:

You can refuse to share your personal information on LSS. If you refuse to provide the data, we may not assist you and deliver our services.