What is Technical SEO?

Due to the massive usage of smartphones in the current scenario, significant search engines such as Google have updated their algorithms to enhance web experiences and web page ranking. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays an essential role in bringing an organic crowd to the web pages.

SEO is responsible for a smooth user experience while surfing through the web pages, thus increasing its popularity and getting more listings. Using SEO to improve the local listings in search engines is crucial, and technical SEO is a big part of it.

Technical SEO is making the website compatible with the search engines' guidelines. Thus, with the help of Technical SEO, the website would be indexed without any issue and rank higher on SERP.

At the basic level, the goal of technical SEO is to provide the best web experience to the users and search engine crawlers. Thus, it adheres to the industry standards to achieve this. Also, it assesses the current SEO of the website by determining the aspects that need improvement to make the user experience more seamless.

Importance of

Technical SEO

The technical SEO includes many components: AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), site speed, CSS and Javascript style, image size, htaccess, domain redirection, XML sitemaps, and many more. These all contribute to the content quality indirectly and are very important for the online performance of any website.

They ensure that the functionality of your web page doesn't hinder the flow of organic crowds visiting your website.

These are the following reasons why technical SEO is so essential in any digital marketing campaign:

  • They help increase mobile traffic by ensuring that your website is compatible and user-friendly with mobile devices.
  • Technical SEO helps get more organic traffic, thus helping you achieve a higher rank in the search engine ranking.
  • Technical SEO can significantly enhance the overall user experience, thus helping it get more popular on search engines.
  • Technical SEO also helps ensure a better brand image in the audience, thus helping you get more sales online.
  • One of the key benefits of using technical SEO is that it increases site security with the help of HTTP encryption. Hence, it saves your website from potential threats.
  • Technical SEO helps identify the contents that may be plagiarized, thus saving you from penalties by the search engines.

LSS Technical SEO Services

At LSS Technical SEO Agency, we believe that all businesses can achieve the highest sales with little effort in SEO, regardless of their size. Also, our team of experts uses their experience in Technical SEO to improve the quality of your website.

At LSS (Local SEO Services), we provide the following types of Technical SEO services:

Technical SEO audit

We conduct a thorough SEO technical audit to diagnose and resolve technical SEO issues affecting your website. We design short-term and long-term solutions based on the analytics results to improve the users' web experience and improve your search engine rankings.

Competition Analysis

Our team at Technical SEO Agency do an in-depth competitor analysis. Factors such as keyword performance, search engine rankings, social media presence, and the technical and backlink profile of your competitors are all assessed by our technical SEO specialist.These techniques allow us to develop plans that will provide you with a competitive advantage in your niche market.

Metadata Analysis

We ensure that no misused metadata is out there to affect your SEO performance. It gives you more organic traffic. Thus, it enhances your online visibility.
Thus, the meta tags developed by our team effectively describe the contents on your page to both search engines and visitors.

Optimization of image contents

Though images attract a larger audience than words, they tend to slow down the website performance. We here at our Technical SEO Agency ensure that the load time of your website is reduced even with such large images, which can create more audience.

Website speed optimization

Webpage speed is a crucial factor that ensures a good rank on the search engine, and more importantly, it makes sure that your customer is satisfied with the user experience.
Our SEO experts work on file compression to optimize the code and improve your server response time.

Keyword research

Keyword research is the backbone of any digital marketing campaign. Our experts in technical SEO work constantly to provide you with trendy keywords that can attract more crowds.LSS team helps the webpages to get more keywords with good ranking, thus enhancing the website's popularity.

Structured data markup

A well-structured webpage can be easy to crawl, understand, and be display by search engines. Also, our SEO team ensures that the page elements and tags are highlighted in the search engine by testing your markup for any issues.

Backlink analysis

Backlinks analysis provided an insight into the incoming links from high authority pages and reputed websites.
Also, we use different backlink data sources to analyze the referring domains. Moreover, their website authority helps you determine their social share rankings.

Recovery of penalty

Poorly structured web pages can get penalties from search engines if they contain plagiarized content. Our technical SEO team analyses the factors that affect your website and thus helps you solve them to recover your penalty.

Migration of websites

LSS team can help you with SEO-friendly website migration. It includes analyzing analytics performance, mapping all altered URLs from the old site to the new domain, updating all internal links, removing duplicate content, handling 404 pages, and tracking traffic and rankings.

Why Choose

LSS Technical SEO Agency?

At LSS, we believe that every little detail about digital marketing strategy can help achieve more success in sales. Also, our SEO team works constantly on SEO strategies for WordPress and CMS. Given are some advantages you can have when you partner with LSS for your SEO needs:

Website auditing in detail

Different variables constitute the overall performance of your website. Our technical SEO team thoroughly audits your website in detail to enhance it.An in-depth website audit includes SEO, backlinking profiles, competition analysis, paid campaigns, etc.

Technical SEO specialization

Our Technical SEO team has experienced analysts who assess your project from scratch to completion. Our award-winning experts identify, plan, and then execute well-researched SEO recommendations. Hence, we ensure your business remains on top.

Complete SEO solutions

Higher close rates are necessary for online marketing. Hence, we provide SEO solutions that are tailored to your brand. Our experts remove all the components that can slow your website's performance. By doing it, we promise to optimize the pages and make your brand more appealing to both search engines and users.

Analysis and reporting

At our Technical SEO Agency, i.e. LSS, we use analytics to review the strategies to get the desired results. Our team provides regular consultations and updates to help you keep track of your performance in the SEO campaign.

Customized Web Strategies

For each of our customers, we analyze the current campaign status. We study the different expectations as well as marketing objectives. In this way, you get goal-oriented web strategies for your brand to achieve more sales.

Proven Track Record

LSS has partnered with hundreds of companies across the globe to improve their digital marketing strategy and bring in more sales. We also specialize in result-driven SEO strategies through our technical audits. You can discover more about the extent of service and our quality services straight from our previous clients.


Technical SEO FAQs

There could be many questions on your mind about eCommerce SEO services, let's discuss a few:

Though the websites are designed with many considerations, they will need to adhere to the guidelines set by the search engine. So, if a poorly structured website is created, it may even be rejected. Hence, technical SEO is needed to make a proper website that follows all the rules and gives the audience a seamless experience.

On-page SEO is any SEO that involves working with the different components and contents of the website to make easily accessible web pages. On the other side, technical SEO deals outside the website's contents.
Technical SEO is responsible for enhancing the web experience without modifying the contents of web pages.

Regardless of the website's size, technical SEO can benefit every business because it can bring more organic traffic and local listings to the search engine. It helps achieve more growth in sales without much effort.

In general cases, the cost for technical SEO services is around 1000$-3000$. Also, it typically varies with the needs and size of the website. The targeted audience and extent of work also affect the total costs involved in technical SEO services.


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